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Exploring Homerton College: One of Cambridge's Top 20 Colleges

Learn about Homerton College, one of the top 20 colleges at Cambridge University. Discover its history, facilities, and more.

Exploring Homerton College: One of Cambridge's Top 20 Colleges

Located in the heart of Cambridge, Homerton College is one of the top 20 colleges of Cambridge University, and a popular choice for students from around the world. Established in 1768, Homerton College has a long history of excellence and is a vibrant and dynamic place to live and study. From its stunning architecture and lush gardens, to its world-class facilities and renowned faculty, Homerton College offers an unparalleled educational experience. In this article, we explore the unique features of Homerton College and what sets it apart from other colleges in Cambridge. Homerton College was established in 1768 and was originally called Homerton Academy.

It was founded by the Reverend John Brett, who wanted to provide a place where people could “train up able and useful ministers of the Gospel”. In 1894, Homerton became a constituent college of the University of Cambridge, and today it is one of the largest colleges in the university. Homerton College offers a wide range of courses across a variety of disciplines, including mathematics, science, economics, law, and medicine. The college also provides its students with a range of excellent facilities. These include two libraries, a chapel, a modern sports centre, and a range of student societies and clubs. Homerton College is well-known for its strong sense of community.

It is home to a diverse range of students from all over the world, who come together to create a vibrant atmosphere. The college also offers a range of support services to ensure that all students feel welcome and included. The college has an impressive record of academic success. In recent years, it has achieved some outstanding results in national league tables, ranking highly among the top 20 colleges in Cambridge. In conclusion, Homerton College is an excellent choice for any student looking to study at one of Cambridge’s top 20 colleges. With its rich history and world-class facilities, Homerton provides an unrivalled learning environment for its students.


Homerton College has a long and rich history dating back to its founding in 1768. It was originally founded as a teacher training college, and it went on to become part of the University of Cambridge in 1894. The college has since grown and developed to become one of the top 20 colleges in the university. Homerton has been at the forefront of educational advancement throughout its history.

It was the first college to admit women in 1869, and it was also one of the first in England to offer degree-level courses. Throughout its history, Homerton has been home to several Nobel Laureates, including Lord Rayleigh, Ernest Rutherford, and William Bragg. Today, Homerton is still a leader in education and research. The college offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as research opportunities for students. Homerton is also home to some of the best facilities in Cambridge, including a library, theatre, and sports facilities.


Homerton College is renowned for its strong sense of community, which fosters an incredibly vibrant atmosphere.

The college is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all its students, staff, and faculty. The college's commitment to community is evident in its wide range of activities and clubs, many of which are designed to bring people from different backgrounds together. The college's residential halls are the heart of its community, with many people forming lifelong friendships within them. Homerton also places great emphasis on extracurricular activities, such as sports, theatre, and music.

These activities help bring people together and promote a sense of camaraderie. The college's diverse student population also helps create a strong sense of community. Homerton has students from all over the world, giving it a truly international feel. This encourages cultural exchange and understanding and creates a positive environment for everyone.

Overall, Homerton College's strong sense of community creates a vibrant atmosphere that encourages collaboration, understanding, and respect.


Homerton College provides its students with a wealth of facilities to help them during their studies. The college library houses a vast collection of books and journals, as well as providing access to online databases and e-books. Homerton also has its own sports centre, with a range of activities such as badminton, basketball, and fitness classes. The college also has its own chapel, which hosts regular services and events. The college also has a range of other facilities, such as a cafeteria, computer labs, and study spaces.

The college is also home to several student societies, which provide members with opportunities to socialize and develop their skills. Homerton College is dedicated to providing its students with the best facilities and resources to ensure they can make the most of their time at Cambridge.


At Homerton College, there is a wide range of courses available to students. These include undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a variety of disciplines, including the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. The college also offers a number of specialist courses, such as art history, computing, and business studies.

Students can also choose from a range of vocational courses, such as engineering, health sciences, and law. In terms of specific subjects, Homerton College offers courses in almost every subject imaginable. For example, students can take classes in mathematics, history, literature, chemistry, economics, psychology, and many more. In addition to traditional courses, the college also offers a range of interdisciplinary programs and courses designed to give students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen field.

Homerton College has also established a number of specialist research centers that are dedicated to particular areas of study. These centers are staffed by leading academics who are dedicated to researching and developing new ideas and techniques in their chosen field. The college also offers a range of student services and resources to help students make the most of their time at the college. These include counseling services, career advice centers, library services, and social activities.

Academic Success

Homerton College has a long history of academic success.

In recent years, the college has achieved outstanding results in both national and international rankings. In the 2020 Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide, Homerton College was ranked 15th in the UK, with an overall score of 87.3 out of 100. Additionally, it was ranked within the top 20 universities in the UK for student satisfaction and teaching excellence. In the 2020 QS World University Rankings, Homerton was placed in the top 250 universities worldwide, coming in at number 203. It was also placed within the top 200 universities for Student-Staff ratio and International Faculty ratio.

This success is also reflected in the college’s global reputation for research excellence. In the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF), Homerton College was ranked 3rd in the UK for research intensity, with 98% of its research rated as either world-leading or internationally excellent. In conclusion, Homerton College is an excellent choice for any student looking to study at one of Cambridge’s top 20 colleges. With its rich history, wide selection of courses and world-class facilities, Homerton offers a unique learning experience and a supportive community that encourages academic success. Whether you’re looking for a traditional campus experience or something more modern, Homerton has something for everyone. So if you’re looking for an elite college experience in a vibrant city, then Homerton College should be your first choice.

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